p.y.a.  Protect Your Assets Hand Sanitizer Spray, works well with what ImBodi Aesthetics MediSpa embodies.

The Hand Sanitizer Spray made right here in Vancouver B.C. was done so with love by imBodi. It is a wonderful Health Canada fully approved hand sanitizer that provides Antibacterial properties as well as benefits for the skin.

The Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic acid promotes softer skin, repairing and moisturizing. The wonderful clean fresh Kiwi scent warms the senses, and allows you to relax knowing the anti-viral and antibacterial properties will help keep you safe.

p.y.a. is available in accordance with the 3 oz  travel size that can fit easily into a pocket or purse. You can sanitize your hands readily or any area around you that may need disinfecting—giving you  that peace of mind and a fresher space.

p.y.a also available in an 8 oz bottle that can be used as refillable or set on a shelf for a quick spritz for a household.

Purchase in-house:

3oz Bottles: $   9.95
8oz Bottles: $ 12.95

For more info contact us at 604-712-1066 or email imbodiaesthetics@gmail.com