Dr. Stephen Peach

Dr Stephen Peach MD, CCFP / Injectables


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Dr Peach is a skilled and experienced medical aesthetic injector that delivers beautiful natural looking and subtle results.

Botox Filler treatments:

Safe and non-invasive injections of BOTOX leave your face looking smooth, relaxed and natural. Botox smooth out wrinkles around your eyes, fill in hollows & tighten sagging eyelids. It is a highly effective way to reduce vertical frown lines between the eyebrows, horizontal forehead creases, and other signs of aging.

You can also relax facial wrinkles and folds (such as “smile lines”), contour the body (such as reducing the appearance of a “double chin”) and improve the signs of facial fat loss by creating structure, framework and volume to the face and lips.

PRP and PRF Skin Rejuvenation harnesses your body’s own healing and regeneration processes and grows new collagen when injected into the skin, and treats sun damage and aging skin issues

PRP vs. PRF Treatment. The procedure for both treatments is very similar.
A blood sample is taken and is centrifuged to create a liquid serum of PRP or PRF. The serum is then injected back into the skin or hair for natural rejuvenation.

Hair Regrowth and Loss Preventation:

• Increases blood supply to the follicle
• Increases shaft size (thickness)
• Triggers and maintains the growth phase
• Activates new hair growth
• Controls hair-growth cycle
• Decreases hair loss
• Improves hair quality

Facial Treatments:

• Nasial fold: Plumps skin releasing wrinkles and restores youthful appearance

• Undereye Area: Plumps thin crepey skin and treats dark circles and hollows under the eye.