About Us


imBodi Aesthetics is a boutique Medi-Spa that empowers you to sculpt and cultivate the body & face of your dreams.

Our state of the art technology allows us to tighten & rejuvenate skin resulting in the removal and reduction of double chins, scars, loose skin & stretch marks, age spots, acne scarring, shrinking pores and much more!

Experience body contouring with targeted fat reduction & removal. Eliminate cellulite and fat deposits and roll back time, contouring your face and body while revitalizing your skin.

You'll glow, look younger & be slimmer with body & face sculpting achieved with state of the art technology.


Our Clients Say

I really enjoyed my experience at imBodi! I bought three sessions of dual laser lipo. I see a difference. I would recommend dual laser lipo, and I would recommend imBodi Aesthetics.