Spring on in & be smooth for Summer ~ Laser Hair Removal!!

Other than the hair on my head, brows and lashes....I have never been a big fan of hair on my body, and a long time ago at a different Spa, as soon as I could afford to have it done, I had all the hair removed off my body--one of the best things I had done for myself---I felt all silky smooth at the end of it all, but 'wow'--not only was it painful but it was expensive and you really had to watch how many times you could afford to go back.

At imBodi, we now have THE best Laser Hair Removal Technology and we think THE best DEAL as well--- no more wondering if you can afford to go back again---come back as many times as you want--with one LOW price---paid ahead of time, with no hidden fees after! Let us take care of that area and any other area again, again and again, anything in either the UPPER Body area or LOWER Body area for one price--With Diolaze State of the Art Technology and our Protocol you can say goodbye to unwanted hair FAST..

The built-in cooling system of Diolaze along with the glide technology makes the 'NO PAIN NO GAIN' for beauty, is a thing of the past!

We love it and we think you will too!! Come on in for a free consultation!


SPECIAL LASER HAIR REMOVAL $999 UNLIMITED amount of visits on either UPPER or LOWER half of your Body!

UNLIMITED on LOWER Half: Bikini line ~ Regular, French, or Brazilian. Legs ~ Thighs & Calf area ~ Feet and Toes. one price $999. for the year!


UNLIMITED on UPPER Half: Face ~ Underarms ~ Arms ~ Hands, ~ Chest/Stomach ~ Back. one price $999. for the year!

You want the hair gone? ~ We use the BEST Laser Hair Removal System DIOLAZE!!