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PRP/PRF Therapy

Beautiful and Natural Results

PRP and PRF therapy is a treatment that harnesses your body’s own healing and regeneration processes. PRP and PRF’s medicinal effect originates from a multitude of growth factors and signaling molecules found in platelets and blood plasma.

The next-generation Arthrex® PRP system allows simple preparation of pure, organic and clinically evaluated PRP and PRF without the use of synthetic additives. Arthrex® ACP® is the ONLY all-in-one closed system available in Canada for both PRP and PRF production. It is liquid PRF. We can achieve this as our Arthrex® is a 100% organic system and fibrinogen is not present with anticoagulant. We spin at a much lower RPM which keeps the platelets, growth factors and fibrins intact.

A. Mature skin or aging skin
B. Alopecia – hair loss and hair thinning

Repair and Restore: PRP and PRF Hair Therapy
Hair loss and hair thinning can be an embarrassing issue. The most common form of hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, or pattern baldness, is experienced by over 50% of men and 20-40% of women. If you are experiencing hair loss, you’re not alone.

® PRP and PRF for Hair Regrowth:
• Increases blood supply to the follicle
• Increases shaft size (thickness)
• Triggers and maintains the growth phase
• Activates new hair growth
• Controls hair-growth cycle
• Decreases hair loss
• Improves hair quality

Frequently asked questions:

How many treatments are required? Treatments will vary based on your needs. Initially, you may be recommended several treatments spaced one month apart. After the initial treatment, many treatment providers suggest maintenance treatments 2-3 times per year.

Are the PRP and PRF processes for hair restoration time-consuming? No, a single treatment doesn’t take more than 20-30 min.

Does the procedure hurt? You may experience some sensitivity. However, most treatment providers utilize effective anesthetic solutions, such as cold ambient air or a topical analgesic to minimize any potential discomfort.

Is there any recovery time? There is no downtime or long recovery process. You may take a warm shower the evening of the treatment. In addition, it is advised to avoid using any harsh dyes or chemicals on your hair for 48 hours.

Is this a cure for baldness? PRP and PRF are not cures for baldness (androgenic alopecia). The genetic medical problem will always remain. However, there is great evidence that regular treatments can significantly slow down the effects of androgenic alopecia and even work to increase hair density.

When will I see results? Due to the natural variation in the quality of PRP and PRF, results may vary by individual. You may see a change after your first two treatments. You will likely require a series of 3-4 sessions to obtain optimal clinical results and desired outcome with maintenance treatments approximately every 6 months. Although good results are expected, the possibility and nature of complications cannot be accurately anticipated and therefore there can be no guarantee as expressed or implied either as to the success or other result of the treatment. PRP and PRF treatments are not permanent as natural degradation will occur over time.

Please note: Arthrex Results & recovery time may vary by individual.