P.Y.A. Protect Your Assets

Hand Sanitizing Spray

Our professional silk screened 3 oz and 8 oz Boston Round high quality bottles are made of a solid white resin, particularly good for storing chemicals. This PET bottle is lightweight with medium rigidity while still having a high impact resistance.

Although more expensive having our product made and filled in Vancouver BC Canada, it was very important to us to use local. Being business owners of our own with an Aesthetics Spa on Granville Island ~ imBodi, we wanted to continue to bring excellent quality to our clients. We want to support Vancouver, BC and Canada and in the fight against COVID and any future viruses or strains, as well as provide an Antibacterial Spray that is softer on the hands with the formulation using Aloe Vera.

This product is not sticky or gooey or drying—it is effective in not only disinfecting with Health Canada Approval but also in helping the skin. Knowing the care and quality would be excellent, we could also be more hands on in the execution of the development and be confident in the delivery of a premium high quality finished product, here in our very home town of Vancouver, B.C.

For more info contact us at 604-712-1066 or email imbodiaesthetics@gmail.com